Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Voice, One Community, One Society  


This campaign's objective is to encourage the youths in Malaysia to start a society/club based on their own interests. I came across the theme song for this campaign on TV. Then, I 'google' it for more info. This song captured my attention because of the lyrics and also the 4 languages in the song. Bahasa Malayisa (Malaysia national language), English, Tamil and Cantonese. Here's the song in YouTube:

click here for the lyrics

"Satu Suara, Satu Komuniti, Satu Persatuan" is the Bahasa Malaysia translation from the post title. I would explained in brief the requirements to apply for this campaign.

1) Age: from 14-40 years old (30+years old considered youth? beats me!)
2) What is your interest?
3) Min. 7 members
4) Think of a name for your club/society
5) Contact ROY, Portal Pejabat Pendaftaran Penubuhan Belia, hotline (03-887 3 600)
6) Receive incentive worth of RM 1,000

for the official website link click here

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