Thursday, July 16, 2009

Preparing for Manchester United Tour in Malaysia 2009  


Yes, I have to prepare a checklist before I'm leaving tomorrow for the training session.
1. Pen (autographs, can't miss it!)
2. Notepad or a autograph book (essential!)
3. Red shirt/MU replica jersey (my friend told me you'll feel alienated if you don't wear it)
4. Training pass and match ticket (without them all the above will be useless)
5. Water bottle (important to replenish the fluid in my body, you know Malaysia weather la)
6. Futsal shoes (I think there will be an event by Astro to promote World Cup 2010)
7. Clothes (going to stay overnight at my friend's place)
8. Pocket money (makan, minum, get MU merchandise... all need $$)
9. Car (for convenience, although I won't park at Bukit Jalil, afraid of massive traffic jam)

I think that's all I need to prepare. I read online that there will be 50,000 fans going to watch ManUtd train at Bukit Jalil so I have to go early to queue up. *need to get good seats!*
Then, on Saturday the match itself, I have to do the same as well since the seats(RM98) are free seatings and not numbered. The matchday is expecting a soldout but I doubt it, so I think roughly 80,000+ fans will be there.*cool* It's really amazing to see so many crazy MU fans in Malaysia and I'm one of them! *Haha*

Going to take lots of photos and hope to get autographs from the MU players and staffs as well! :D

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Manchester United training pass at Bukit Jalil Stadium for sale  


Anyone interested to buy 1 training pass please drop me a message in the comment box. For the transaction, we'll meet at the stadium on Friday, 17/07/09 before the training session starts at 5.30pm. The price is negotiable.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Voice, One Community, One Society  


This campaign's objective is to encourage the youths in Malaysia to start a society/club based on their own interests. I came across the theme song for this campaign on TV. Then, I 'google' it for more info. This song captured my attention because of the lyrics and also the 4 languages in the song. Bahasa Malayisa (Malaysia national language), English, Tamil and Cantonese. Here's the song in YouTube:

click here for the lyrics

"Satu Suara, Satu Komuniti, Satu Persatuan" is the Bahasa Malaysia translation from the post title. I would explained in brief the requirements to apply for this campaign.

1) Age: from 14-40 years old (30+years old considered youth? beats me!)
2) What is your interest?
3) Min. 7 members
4) Think of a name for your club/society
5) Contact ROY, Portal Pejabat Pendaftaran Penubuhan Belia, hotline (03-887 3 600)
6) Receive incentive worth of RM 1,000

for the official website link click here

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Michael Owen signed 2 years contract with ManUtd  


Personally, I know this is a gamble bargain that Sir Alex had signed for his team. Yes, football fans,football editors and experts alike said Michael Owen is way past of his prime years in his career. Well, I respect their ideas and opinions but you can't write M.Owen off not even before he start 1 game for ManUtd.

I think M.Owen agreed to join ManUtd to revive his football career and also relishing the opportunity to play for the national team under Fabio Capello in the coming World Cup 2010 in South Africa. So, he definitely will work hard to prove the critics wrong and perform on the big stage.

I'm not M.Owen biggest fan and I know he is prone to injuries and also has gambling problems. Hey, who's perfect? If he's not fit to play, then how does he passed the tough medical tests held for two days, right? As a ManUtd fan, I have to be positive and I will believe in Fergie, the team and M.Owen.

For more sources including positive and negative reviews, you can read these:
Martin Samuel
Des Kelly

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Complete Technorati Blog Claim  



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Karim Benzema joins Real Madrid  


OMG. I woke up and read the news in soccernet that Benzema agreed to join Real Madrid for six years. His former club, Lyon could receive a fee of 41 million euros for him. I wonder why he joins Real Madrid because I'm not sure he'll be guaranteed a first team place. Oh well, Sir Alex have to look somewhere else to improve his attacking options. I can feel that Real Madrid is getting on the nerves of Sir Alex.

Not only Real Madrid prized away C.Ronaldo but also Benzema that Sir Alex has his eyes on for years. IMO, the greatest clash in Europe will be between ManUtd and Real Madrid. I'm looking forward for the revenge Fergie has on Real, hahaha*evil laugh*

Check out the news & comments from these links:

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I Passed My Insurance Exam *Phew*  


I took the Pre-contract Examination for Insurance Agents(PCEIA) by the Malaysian Insurance Institue(MII) recently. I got a passing grade of 'C' for it. I took the AB module/route which part A covers the basics of insurance and medical and health insurance while part B covers general insurance. I had problems answering questions for part B mostly. Before I went for my exam, I did a little research online and managed to find blogs and sources about the exam. So, I thought I want to share my experience to you.

My advice:
1) Print out your exam permit BEFORE the exam. Sounds simple but it saves your time from doing a last minute task

2) Reach early at your exam venue. Why, you ask me? Read on..

3) If you're driving, find a parking space that won't get you summons from both JPJ and the police

4) Identify your exam seating from the officers in charge

5) Bring your IC and exam permit

6) Don't be late for your exam! NO excuses are allowed STRICTLY!!!

7) Listen to the officers/examiners instructions carefully

8) Get the latest reference book because I couldn't find references on medical insurance in the older version book.

My advices are based on my observation and experience. No offence to anyone of you out there. I just I hope I can help out even just a little.
For more info on PCEIA click here

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Manchester United Signed Winger Antonio Valencia  


Manchester United first signing before the new season starts, Antonio Valencia the Ecuadorian star from Wigan for £16 million. From the info's I read, he's a winger with pace and good dribbling ability.

He was brought in to replaced C.Ronaldo's place in the team. I hope Sir Alex will include him in his Asia Tour squad, so I can see him on action against Malaysia Selection on the 18th of July 2009 :D

You can find out more about his transfer through these links:
youtube (his skills & goals)
*Food for thought* :Will he able to fill in C.Ronaldo shoes and guide the champions into a winning team again?

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