Thursday, July 16, 2009

Preparing for Manchester United Tour in Malaysia 2009  


Yes, I have to prepare a checklist before I'm leaving tomorrow for the training session.
1. Pen (autographs, can't miss it!)
2. Notepad or a autograph book (essential!)
3. Red shirt/MU replica jersey (my friend told me you'll feel alienated if you don't wear it)
4. Training pass and match ticket (without them all the above will be useless)
5. Water bottle (important to replenish the fluid in my body, you know Malaysia weather la)
6. Futsal shoes (I think there will be an event by Astro to promote World Cup 2010)
7. Clothes (going to stay overnight at my friend's place)
8. Pocket money (makan, minum, get MU merchandise... all need $$)
9. Car (for convenience, although I won't park at Bukit Jalil, afraid of massive traffic jam)

I think that's all I need to prepare. I read online that there will be 50,000 fans going to watch ManUtd train at Bukit Jalil so I have to go early to queue up. *need to get good seats!*
Then, on Saturday the match itself, I have to do the same as well since the seats(RM98) are free seatings and not numbered. The matchday is expecting a soldout but I doubt it, so I think roughly 80,000+ fans will be there.*cool* It's really amazing to see so many crazy MU fans in Malaysia and I'm one of them! *Haha*

Going to take lots of photos and hope to get autographs from the MU players and staffs as well! :D

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